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Ranging from small-scale private projects based upon one wind turbine to large wind farms with hundreds or even thousands of wind generators, Strommontazh Company Ltd. can provide a full range of climatic measurements, including the monitoring of wind, solar radiation and temperature fluctuations..

Besides, our company is a manufacturer of masts (standard heights - 50, 80 and 100 m), equipped with high-precision meteorological instruments, stand-alone power systems for uninterrupted measurements of wind or solar radiation.

Meteorological mast

Special Price: 14 999 Euro

- Meteorological masts, 80 m high, made of galvanized steel, designed specifically for wind monitoring and to be installed in any area

- Mounting mast sections is carried out one at a time and does not require a large installation space

- Self-powered meteorological equipment can be of any type depending on the climatic conditions of the wind monitoring

- Installation services and deliveries to Russia, countries of the Customs Union and Ukraine.

• Obstruction lights fixed on the brackets - 4 pieces

• Streamers, turnbuckles, clips and fasteners

• Brackets for fixing meteorological equipment on the mast

• Foundations (concrete blocks with embedded fixing plates)

• 80 m mast. Steel sections are hot-dip galvanized and bear two coats of protective paint.

Optional (as agreed with customer):
- wind tracking equipment set
-- control cables set for sensor connections

Development Projects

Attention of investors! Strommontazh Company Ltd. provides the full range of services as a developer of energy projects based on wind power.

Investment projects are implemented as "turnkey" ones on a "cost plus fee" basis. As a developer, our company bears full responsibility for the successful implementation of the project in relation to investors. Besides, we can step in as a contractor at any stage of the project.

Renewable energy facilities:

• Design of power plants operating on renewable energy sources

• Wind analysis and selection of promising areas for industrial wind farming

• Receiving approvals and integration of wind farms into the existing electrical network system

• Feasibility reports and business planning

• Construction management planning

• Engineering communications and transport logistics planning

• Environmental solutions

• Construction projects budgeting

• Submissions, presentations and authorizations of project design solutions

• Individual supervision of power facilities construction

• Aerodynamic calculations for wind farm sites with long-term power generation forecasts

Wind Engineering

In the field of wind engineering, beside the production of meteorological masts and supporting structures for the WPF, STROMMONTAZH Company Ltd. offers its customers a full range of the most effective "turnkey" solutions.

In this case, we stand out for the customers as a single point of accountability at all stages of the project.

A full set of wind engineering services includes the following activities:

• Organization and management of yearly wind tracking process

• Development of the project, which includes an analysis of promising sites, type of meteorological mast, selection of the measuring equipment, layout of equipment on the mast, the preparation of equipment installation plan

• Production and delivery of met mast of appropriate height with lightning rod and obstacle lights on its maintenance platform. Number of met masts depends on the terrain and the total area of the wind farm site

• Civil works and meteorological mast installation

• Installation of meteorological equipment, including a system of independent power supply to provide power and heat. Connecting and setting up the equipment

• Organization of 24-hour on-site protection and equipment maintenance

• Wind tracking measurements, data processing, monthly reporting to the Customer

• Met equipment dismantling and removal

• Met equipment re-calibration

• 3-D modelling of wind field with the use of the global mesosphere model FITNAH-3D

• Effective deployment onsite (micro-siting) as per types of wind turbines and planning of the future income from the energy input

• Approval of the report by an independent auditing company

Mast and Equipment Rental

Our company offers to its customers wind tracking masts for rent to enable yearly continuous met measurements.

Wind tracking mast rental is just 5 000 Euro per year (excluding cost of maintenance, met equipment, transportation and installation), which is more affordable option as compared to purchasing.

Rentals are available in the countries of the Customs Union and Ukraine.

Met masts and towers RENTAL is an efficient solution and a good alternative to purchasing.

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The Strommontazh Company carries out a full cycle of works in the construction of wind farms and base stations. Our enterprise specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of masts, tower and supporting steel structures for various purposes. We offer our services to any part of your project, no matter at what stage of implementation it currently is.

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